Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Seattle Steamrats

Yesterday my particular lady friend and I went to Café Mox for the weekly Seattle Steamrats meetup.  I want to start making connections with people in the scene and start teaching Whist again.  My plan is to create a few more players before Steamcon so that I can organize a drive at the convention.

In the end I didn’t teach anyone how to play but I did discuss the game with a few folks.  In particular was a short conversation with folks from Rise of Æster.  They are interested in learning how to play as an activity to use during their LARP games.  This idea is very exciting for me as it could bring in quite a few players as Whist spreads through their ranks.  I will try and follow up with them at a future meetup.

I still need to write up a few pages about Whist history, rules, strategy and game playing.  While doing that I would like to find a good way to represent hands and tricks on this blog for examples during the discussions.  Time to browse some Bridge websites to see what they use.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Returning From Hiatus

With my friends moving away from LiveJournal and other changes in my life I’m going to be resurrecting this blog for posting about Whist and organizing players in the Seattle area.  I’m probably speaking into the wind here but whatever.  Some people have found past posts of mine helpful and maybe they will again.

I have three blogs used for different purposes.  They are:

  • Leber Hall – My personal blog on a variety of topics.
  • N0BML – Dedicated to my amateur radio, emergency communications and electronics projects.
  • Seattle Whist Club – This very blog you are reading now.

See you around…