Sunday, November 21, 2010

SteamCon II

What a whirlwind weekend! I taught a lot of people how to play Whist. Sadly I know there were several others who wanted to learn but weren't able to make it to any of the sessions I had scheduled. The good news for anyone who missed it is that I have been invited back for next years SteamCon and I will be teaching again.

For all the new Whist players out there I talked to at least as many others who want to play in the Seattle area. It sounds like there is enough interest for a monthly Whist club. The next trick is to find places to play. I have had one offer for a cabana in the Federal Way area. I was also told about AFK Tavern which sounds like it would be able to handle a group of Whist players.

As I mentioned to folks I will come to your event or group and teach Whist. The more players I can help get started the more chances I will get to play. We all win.

Keep an eye on this blog. Things are just getting started.

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